Thursday, July 9, 2009

Portable Topaz Moment 3.1

Topaz Moment allows you to capture images from videos and enhance them into clean and sharp pictures with up to a four times increase in resolution. If you're tired of small, unclean, and blurry image captures, try Topaz Moment. Advanced video image enhancement techniques allow you to capture video frames that are cleaner, sharper, and higher in resolution than any other solution and turn them into photo-quality mega-pixel images.

Have you ever wanted a snapshot of your videos to show to friends or family? What about a high quality image that you can put on CD covers and advertising banners? Almost always, the frame capture function in your video player or editor just doesn't cut it - the captured images don't have enough resolution and sometimes have excessive noise and/or compression artifacts. Now, however, you have a solution: Topaz Moment was specifically designed to capture video frames and significantly increase their quality and resolution. The cutting-edge technology implemented in this software allows you to turn unclean video frames into quality mega-pixel images. Best of all, it is very easy-to-use, and you can turn out a print-quality picture in seconds!

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