Friday, December 11, 2009

Resident Evil 4 Full

Name:Resident Evil 4
Genre:Horror Action Adventure
Release Date:May 15, 2007
Size:3.1 GB

Resident Evil 4 Full (3.1 GB)
Resident Evil 4 may have come out more than four years ago, but all it takes is a new platform to make the game feel fresh.
Perfect Play Mechanic For iPhone: One of the things that has always driven me slightly nuts with the Resident Evil franchise is that you can't move and shoot. But that's a perfect fit for the iPhone, which relies entirely on virtual controls to work.

In the iPhone version of Resident Evil 4 you use slide your thumb around a virtual thumbpad on the screen to move Leon Kennedy, double tapping to side-step. Once you see an enemy, you tap the weapon icon to plant your feet and then use the same movement controls to aim and fire off shots.

Because the franchise has never allowed you to both shoot and move at the same time, this iPhone game is one of the best translations of a top-tier shooter I've seen on the platform. It perfectly captures the feel of the Resident Evil gameplay mechanic.

Lots of Extras: Despite not including the entire original game, there's quite a lot to do in Resident Evil 4 on the iPhone. The game's single player campaign features a dozen settings from the original title and two dozen timed stages that can be played through the Mercenaries Mode. You can also buy weapons and upgrade them.

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